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About Us!

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Founded in 2015, Restoration Maintenance is one of the fastest-growing property restoration and property maintenance companies in South Florida, USA. With headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and over 25 combined years of meaningful experience in property management, commercial insurance, and restoration services. Our company provides a full suite of cost-effective solutions to our wide client-base, using cut-edge restoration and maintenance services that create long-lasting relationships. We are mainly concerned with two core competencies: Restoration and Maintenance of commercial and residential property.

Our restoration services focus on cleanup and repairing your property after losses such as water damage, smoke, or fire.  Our maintenance division seeks to create value by implementing commercial maintenance programs to elevate the consistency of curb appeal, as well as the value though cost-saving efficiencies.  We achieve all these using cut-edge technologies handled by our amiable array of professionals.

Why You Should Hire Us

It’s important to understand why we are different from many others you may know, who offer some of the services we provide. We, as a matter of fact, are unique in our approach to restoration and maintenance services. Our work ethics are predicated on four fundamental values

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Reliability and trustworthiness: At Restoration Maintenance, we strive for success through the people we meet by creating value, honesty, and trustworthiness, where you never have to worry again.

Customer satisfaction: We also believe that ensuring that our customers are deeply satisfied is the best form of advertising.

24/7 Emergency Response: 60 secs per minute, 60 mins per hour, 24 hours every day, 7 days every week, and 365 days every year or 366 days every leap year, Restoration Maintenance is here for YOU.  Our phone lines are always open to friends, our highly esteemed customers, as well as potential customers. Call us NOW for FREE, and be sure that your needs will be swiftly attended to.

Quality control: The focus of our business is to make our customers happy.  We are driven by policies, procedures, and technologies to meet or execute tasks beyond the expectations of our customers. By using the latest industry standards and all the technologies to bring customers’ home back to their original states, we give a strong verdict about our foolproof quality assurance. We have got you covered.

Water Removal

We have a professional water extraction team that conducts its operations using very advanced techniques and tools to remediate flood damage and to also save the beloved belongings of our customers.

Our team also makes a diagnosis of such damage to ascertain its level of impact and to determine if there are any threats of mold, bacteria, rot, and other materials of high or moderate toxicity that may be left in the water.

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Sanity Cleanup

Spills from sewage can be very irritating and disruptive. More importantly, these spills carry harmful fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms, which may lead to severe sicknesses and even death. Sewage spills can also give a tremendous increment to the risks of contact with toxic substances such as herbicides, insecticides, and the likes.

It is this adverse effect of sewage spills to health that makes this a very critical issue. It is, therefore, of great importance to clean up such spills promptly in order to lessen exposure to it and mitigate its possible spread.

We have a team that handles such issues as this quite very seamlessly. We will clean up sewage spills and ensure that your environment is kept 100% healthy and free of germs.

Drywall Replacement

We have the requisite skills to extricate old walls and replace them by installing new ones, as well as finish them up with standard texturizing.

The size of the job determines the length of the job. Proposals always include all costs of labor and materials. No surprises.

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Fire Damage

One of our core goals is to reduce fire damage to the lowest minimum. We understand the trauma that comes with such a catastrophic occurrence, and we desire to alleviate such trauma by restoring damaged to their pre-damage conditions.

To restore properties damaged by fire to their pre-damage conditions, we ensure complete renovation and restoration of the affected properties through property inventory, property refurbishment, and odor removal. We also provide round-the-clock emergency services, safeguard our customers’ properties.

At Restoration Maintenace, we are fully committed to the restoration and maintenance of your properties. We believe that you deserve the best life, one of quality and comfort, even after damages that might have been caused by fire and water on your property. If you need such restoration services as ours, give us a call today. We will meticulously work to restore your property to its pristine state!

Odor Removal

Without controversy, we provide the very best deodorization services all over SouthFlorida. Bad odors in the house are often indicative of harmful bacteria and other deadly contaminants. Such odors must be quickly ejected from the house. Contrary to some personal opinions that experts are not needed to remove bad odors from one’s home, there are skills and specialized training required to flawlessly execute such a task. Jobs such as odor removal should be left to professional maintenance companies such as ours for proper handling.

It doesn’t matter what or who the causative agent of the bad odor is, whether it’s caused by cooking, or fire, or cigar smoke, or bacteria, or even your pet, our excellent team will effectively remove such odors.

Is there a bad odor in your house or work environment affecting your activities? Call us today, and we will be right at your doorstep!

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Mold Removal

As blunt as this may sound, mold removal isn’t something you do yourself. It’s not something you do without training or something you practice “trial by error.” You may manage to detect mold yourself, but after that comes the task of removing it. Asides the skills you must possess to effectively remove mold, the right tools, technical parameters, and equipment must be available. All these aren’t what you just get by the wayside.

Effective mold removal requires professional mold damage repair services. We provide the most advanced and updated mold removal services all over South Florida. Unlike some others who offer this same service as we do, we ensure that no mold is leftover during and after the mold damage repair. We also make sure that no further damage is done during the mold removal process.

Mold Inspection

Many times, it’s tough to detect mold. Even when owners or tenants of properties affected by mold claim to have detected the mold, we often discover that what they have identified either pales in comparison to what is the real state of the property or exaggerated beyond the actual. This difficulty in mold detection is mainly because there are different types of mold, some of which are not visible to the normal human eye. This is very dangerous, as it can hamper the collective health of residents of such buildings.

Therefore, professionalism is needed for a mold inspection.We bring a solution for you, with the proper array of tools and technical equipment, our hardworking and highly trained personnel will detect mold even in the farthest corners of your house. Once mold has been identified, we will then go on to fix it. You can absolutely trust us— our reputation travels before us.

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Restoration Maintenance: Drying & Dehumidification


Drying and Dehumidification

We can also manage temperature and tweak atmospheric relative humidity to suit the conditions of your property. With the aid of custom-developed equipment, such as air dehumidifiers and air movers, specially made for this function, water that is stuck in specific parts of the building, which are difficult to access, get removed. We do this with extra care, monitoring progress using moisture meters until standard drying time is achieved.

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