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Working with a disinfecting company is the key to keeping your home and business safe. The Coronavirus proved how dangerous viruses can be and how easily they can spread. During the cold and flu season each year, anyone can pick up germs and carry them into the world. If you are a parent, you might notice members of your family often feel sick near the end of August and beginning of September when your kids head back to school. They pick up new germs from their friends and even teachers, which they bring back home at the end of the day. Even if you don’t have kids, you can get sick near the start of the school year because you come into contact with others. At Restoration Maintenance, we are a local South Florida company that wants to keep you safe. You can trust us to disinfect your home or building to eliminate the germs using effective chemical-free solutions.

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How Important is Professional Disinfecting?

If you think that you don’t need a disinfecting company, think about how many people you interact with every day. You can come into contact with sick people who don’t show any symptoms when you hand money to a customer or purchase some groceries. Not everyone washes their hands properly or as often as they should, which causes them to keep spreading germs and bacteria. It’s almost impossible for you to take care of all that cleaning on your own. We remove the hassles of disinfecting and ensure that every space is clean and safe.



What Can We Clean and Disinfect?

No matter what type of building you can name, Restoration Maintenance can clean and disinfect any property in South Florida. This includes schools and offices, as well as retail shops and restaurants. We also offer affordable residential disinfecting services to eliminate viruses and germs from your home. We take precautions to ensure that we do not bring any germs or bacteria onto your property and that the germs once living there are dead when we leave.





Cleaning Your Home

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a series of guidelines on how to clean your home during a pandemic. This list includes washing the surfaces that you frequently touch with soap and water and using products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Some of the surfaces that you should focus on include light switches, door handles, toilets and faucets. For clothing and other soft surfaces, you can machine wash the items after going outside or touching them without washing your hands first. You can also use disinfecting wipes on electronics such as computers and cell phones.


Airbnb Cleaning and Disinfecting

An easy way to make money off a vacation rental or a second home is through Airbnb. As long as you have a property in a popular part of town and take good photos of it, you can create a listing and get people to rent from you. At the end of their stay, you need to thoroughly clean the home to get it ready for the next guest. Most owners charge a cleaning fee that the renters pay for when they book. Restoration Maintenance can save you some of the problems with cleaning your properties and get them ready for future guests. Not only can we disinfect the living room, bathroom, and any other rooms in the building, but we can make sure that it is free of germs before your next guests arrive.



Restaurant Disinfecting Services

Florida restaurants have strict sanitary guidelines and many health inspectors consistently are checking on local restaurants to ensure that they follow all health and safety standards. During the Coronavirus pandemic, some restaurants primarily switched to delivery and take out services, but others fully shut down. With our restaurant disinfecting services, we can make sure that your establishment is as clean as possible to pass any inspection. Not only do we disinfect the surfaces that workers and customers touch, but we can also clean the outside of your building with our Power Washing services.



Commercial Disinfecting

Our long list of commercial disinfecting clients includes schools, hotels, shopping malls, and office complexes. We can talk with you about what you might need and help you decide when our crew can come in and disinfect. With our chemical-free disinfecting, you can opt for products that are free of the harsh chemicals to keep your customers and staff safe.



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Hotel Disinfecting

Whether you own a luxury hotel on the beach or a small bed and breakfast with just a few rooms, you can’t always count on your housekeeping staff to keep the building and rooms as clean as you would like. That is why several local hotel owners count on our crew for disinfecting. It is highly likely that you have sick guests stay at your hotel every day and it is best practice to have a weekly or at least monthly disinfecting service. We can disinfect all rooms and common spaces to make sure future guests do not get sick. All the products that we use will eliminate germs and bacteria without damaging the furniture or anything else in the hotel. You can call us for complete disinfecting of your entire hotel or specific rooms.





Disinfecting Costs

Finding the average cost to disinfect a home or office is hard because no two buildings are the same. The cost solely depends on the number of square feet to disinfect and the number of surfaces. The cost can also depend on what exactly you need to be done, such as cleaning your ducts from Mold Issues or a simple disinfecting solution. You might not think about your ducts but they can be a haven for germs to linger and dissipate easily throughout your establishment. As a commercial sanitization company, we can easily inspect and disinfect your ducts and other hard to see spaces that can make your customers or family sick.



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Dust, Mold, and Germs in Vacant Properties

Vacant homes and buildings can generate an abundance of dust, mold and germs. You may have a rental property or purchased a foreclosed home. Our vacant property services can help you disinfect your property and get it livable right away. We offer VIP property maintenance services for a single home and also for entire apartment complexes.



Steps We Take

The steps that we take vary depending on which disinfecting options are necessary. We will come to your home or office and give you a 100% free mold or disinfecting inspection to determine the extent of the issue. You can rest assured knowing that we will never sell you anything you do not need and our prices are very fair. We strive to use chemical-free disinfecting products approved by the EPA for cleaning and sanitizing. This ensures the safety of your family, pets, or customers.



What to Look for When Hiring a Disinfecting Company

When choosing a disinfecting company, you want to hire a reputable and licensed company like Restoration Maintenance. Make sure the company uses chemical-free disinfecting products to ensure safety. If you need to sanitize or disinfect your home or business, please do not hesitate to call us for your free in-person inspection.


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