Fire Damage / Odor Removal

Fire Damage / Odor Removal

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Fire Damage

One of our core goals is to reduce firedamage to the lowest minimum. We understand the trauma that comes with such a catastrophic occurrence, and we desire to alleviate such trauma by restoring damaged to their pre-damage conditions.

To restore properties damaged by fire to their pre-damage conditions, we ensure complete renovation and restoration of the affected properties through property inventory, property refurbishment, and odor removal. We also provide round-the-clock emergency services, safeguard our customers’ properties.

At Restoration Maintenace, we are fully committed to the restoration and maintenance of your properties. We believe that you deserve the best life, one of quality and comfort, even after damages that might have been caused by fire and water on your property. If you need such restoration services as ours, give us a call today. We will meticulously work to restore your property to its pristine state!

Odor Removal

Without controversy, we provide the very best deodorization services all over SouthFlorida. Bad odors in the house are often indicative of harmful bacteria and other deadly contaminants. Such odors must be quickly ejected from the house. Contrary to some personal opinions that experts are not needed to remove bad odors from one’s home, there are skills and specialized training required to flawlessly execute such a task. Jobs such as odor removal should be left to professional maintenance companies such as ours for proper handling.

It doesn’t matter what or who the causative agent of the bad odor is, whether it’s caused by cooking, or fire, or cigar smoke, or bacteria, or even your pet, our excellent team will effectively remove such odors.

Is there a bad odor in your house or work environment affecting your activities? Call us today, and we will be right at your doorstep!

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