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Discovering mold in your home can throw your life into a tailspin. It’s just as bad if you find mold in your business too. You likely don’t know what to do and if that mold is dangerous. While certain types of mold are more dangerous than others, any type can interfere with your breathing and cause the city to come in and condemn the property.

At Restoration Maintenance, we want you to feel confident that we are the mold remediation specialists that you need. You can trust us to both identify the type of mold in your home or business and get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.





What Causes Mold?

Mold is a serious problem that can grow in any building in Southern Florida. The high humidity combined with the warm temperatures creates the perfect environment for mold. Some of the things that mold needs to grow include a dark spot with a food source and some type of water. Mold also needs a warm temperature and some spores. As soon as those spores start growing, the mold can develop in as little as 24 hours.

Some of the common places that we see mold include the kitchens and bathrooms in local homes. One big reason why you don’t see carpets in many bathrooms today is that the carpet is a good environment for mold. Think about how often your family takes showers and the temperature in that room. You may need mold removal in your kitchen too because it grows inside your cabinets and near the pipes. A dripping or leaky pipe provides more than enough water for the mold to grow. You might notice some mold growing near your air conditioning unit too.





First 5 Things to Do When You See Mold in Your Home or Business

Finding mold in your home or business can be quite scary, especially if you never knew the problem existed. That mold can quickly grow from a kitchen to other areas of your home as the spores travel through the air and inside the walls. As long as you keep a cool head and follow the steps that we recommend, you can get the mold remediation that you need.



  • Identify the Source of the Problem

We recommend that you first find the source of the mold problem. You may want to check for any water leaks and look for moisture buildup. If you have a small leak in your toilet, the water gives the mold the moisture that it needs. It can feed on any type of food or nutritional source in the room and thrive in the warm humidity.





  • Check Other Rooms

While you may feel confident that the mold is confined to one room, we often find outbreaks that spread through homes and businesses. You can easily track those spores to different rooms and help the mold grow. Checking each room lets you see if the problem is larger than you thought.





  • Get an Inspection

Getting a mold inspection is one of the top things that you can do. It’s easy to misidentify the mold that you find and assume that it’s one of the more dangerous types. You might spot some mildew growing on your bathroom walls and think that it’s mold too. Our inspection services ensure that you learn about the type of mold that you have on your hands and that you find the right solution for the problem.



  • Testing the Mold

Black mold is extremely dangerous because it can make people sick. If you have a commercial property and have customers coming in and out every day, the exposure to that mold can make them sick. It can also make your employees ill. If you have a restaurant in Southern Florida and have a mold problem, the health department can shut you down and keep you from operating.

Mold testing is important because it tells you what type of mold you have and what the risks are. We can identify the mold and tell you if you need to keep people with asthma and allergies away from the property and whether exposure to the mold caused some of the symptoms that you experience. Only through proper identification can we come up with the best treatment for your building.



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  • Mold Treatment

We do not believe that every home or business requires the same mold treatment plan. Our mold removal services include multiple steps that we only take after we determine the type of mold that we see and the severity of the problem. Let’s say that you have a leaky pipe under your kitchen sink and a small amount of mold in the cabinet. If the mold remains confined to that space, we can easily treat it. The process will take longer if there is also mold growing in nearby walls or if it spread to the floor.







Can You Clean Up Mold Yourself?

Though you can get rid of mold on your own, it’s not something we recommend. The process often involves the use of bleach that you dilute in water but can also require some harsh chemicals that keep the mold from coming back. When you deal with mold on your own, you need to make sure that you have good safety gear and the right mixture of products. Not only do you need to scrape the surfaces to remove the mold, but you also need to apply chemicals to the wall that kill the existing spores and create a bad environment for the mold.



Cost of Mold Remediation

The cost of taking care of the mold on your own can depend on many factors, including the size of the space, severity of the mold and the type of mold. At Restoration Maintenance, you can get a free estimate as to the cost of the job. We recommend using the contact form on our site if you have questions about the process. You share a small amount of information that we use to contact you. Our rep will talk about where you saw the mold and if your family or customers/employees experienced any negative symptoms. During our phone call, you can also find out more about the average cost for mold remediation.



Emergency Help

At Restoration Maintenance, we know that our customers don’t follow the same 9 to 5 hours that others do, which is why we can handle emergency calls. If you just found mold and need mold removal as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to call us right away instead of using our contact form. We’ll get in touch as soon as we can and get a crew of mold restoration specialists to your home just as quickly. Whether you want to get mold help right before a big holiday dinner or see some mold spores in the middle of the weekend, we’re ready and willing to help.





Does Insurance Cover Mold Cleaning?

Many of our customers call us because they want to know if the insurance they have will cover the cost of mold cleaning. Though it usually depends on your policy, we find that most insurers will cover our services. They know that letting the mold grow and thrive can cause more problems in the long run and lead to future repairs and expenses. If you worry that your insurer will give you the run-around or refuse to cover the work that you need, let us handle those calls for you. Not only can we talk with the insurer about covering the cost of the initial mold inspection, but we’ll also work with them when we determine the treatment that your property needs. You can trust us to take the right approach with your insurer.



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Do You Really Need Mold Remediation?

Thanks to YouTube and all the DIY websites that post videos and photos, you might think that you don’t need professional help. Getting rid of mold without any help is potentially dangerous. The bleach and chemicals that you use can dry out your hands and interfere with your breathing. Even if you properly ventilate the room, breathing those fumes can damage your lungs and throat. You also risk missing out on some of the spores growing around the property. No matter how hard you work or the number of chemicals that you use, the mold can still come back.



Mold After Floods and More

Hundreds of property owners in Southern Florida call Restoration Maintenance every year to handle their mold restoration. We receive quite a few calls during and after the hurricane season from people who spotted black or brown mold growing on their walls. With our flood clean up services, you can trust our team to come in and identify all the damage that a flood did and fix those problems. Flooding from a hurricane or storm is just one reason why you might see mold. Other reasons can include leaky pipes, a hole in your roof, or even a broken toilet valve. At Restoration Maintenance, we will find the cause of the mold and make sure that we eliminate it.



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