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When you live in or near the flood plain, your insurer will encourage you to add flood damage to your policy. It’s worth adding this type of coverage if you live elsewhere because flooding can happen at any time. Even if you live far away from the regions where flooding is common, you might still come home to find your basement or living room covered in several feet of water. As the number one choice water dry out restoration company in the region, we can help you understand why flooding happens and what you can do to restore your home or business.





What Causes Water Damage?

Do you occasionally notice a small bubble on your ceiling? That bubble likely occurs when it rains because of a leak in your roof that you can’t see. The rain that falls onto the roof drips through the ceiling and sits on top of the paint. That bubble forms as the weight of the water press down. It will eventually build up enough that the bubble bursts and water rains down on you. Water damage can also occur due to cracks in your foundation that let water through and any AC units you have that release excess moisture. Excess rainfall can also cause water damage.





Turn Off the Power

According to The New York Times, turning off the power to your home is the first thing that you should do before working in it after a flood. There is a good chance that the standing water affected your outlets as well as your electricity. Every time that you work in your home, you risk suffering an electrical shock that might send you to the hospital. Water heaters and HVAC systems connected to the power grid can suffer further damage as you clean too. When we come in, we can bring generators to power all the tools that we use.

Air Circulation

One of the home dry out remedies that we use is air circulation. Though you can try this on your own, you need to make sure that you choose the right fans for the job. We often recommend using large circular or box fans that have wide openings and thick blades. They do a better job of pushing air around the room and can dry all the surfaces from your walls to your ceiling. When we use fans, we also make sure to open all nearby windows. The warm air that comes in can help dry the surfaces faster and keep the interior of your home warm.

Identify the Source of the Problem

We recommend that you first find the source of the mold problem. You may want to check for any water leaks and look for moisture buildup. If you have a small leak in your toilet, the water gives the mold the moisture that it needs. It can feed on any type of food or nutritional source in the room and thrive in the warm humidity.



Water Extraction

Our home and business dry out solutions include water extraction. This is a process that we recommend using on properties that have a lot of standing water. Standing water can attract thousands of insects such as mosquitoes and provide a water source for wild animals in your neighborhood too. Leaving that water in your home increases the risk that you’ll need to replace and repair more areas of your home. Removing the water as quickly as possible may save your carpets and reduce your risks of suffering from the mold. We use large pumps that can remove all of the standing water in a few hours, but the process can take a few days depending on how much water is in your home or business.


Many people know Southern Florida for its high humidity levels. On any day of the year, you might step outside and immediately want to run back inside to escape that warm and sticky air. That humidity is one reason why we use dehumidifiers on dry out jobs. Dehumidifiers pull the moisture from the air, which can help walls and floors dry faster than they otherwise would. You’ll want to use dehumidifiers if you plan on using fans and leaving the windows open too. Those open windows allow more air to get inside. On muggy and humid days, that air can bring in more moisture that adds to your overall problems.



Removing Moisture Sources

Lasko makes a variety of fans and other products that you can use to dry out your business or home. The manufacturer recommends removing all sources of moisture from the building before you start working. This includes saturated carpets and furnishings that feel wet to the touch. We often lay out your carpets and rugs in the sunlight and fresh air. While the sunlight dries the fabric, the fresh air can reduce the mildew and other odors that cling to the surface. As we examine your home, we may find that we need to pull up linoleum or vinyl flooring to check on the frame below. Our team may decide to remove saturated drywall too.

Mold and Mildew

No matter when you call us, you get a 24/7 emergency response. As the leading water dry out restoration company in Florida, we know that the longer the water sits in your home, the greater your chances are of mold and/or mildew settling in those rooms. As part of our restoration maintenance remedies, we offer help for mold and mildew. We can pull up the flooring in a business dry out and check inside your wall during a home dry out. If we find any traces of mildew or mold, we use the right cleaning solutions to remove those substances and take steps to ensure that it can no longer grow.

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Once you look at the water dry out steps, call us to see how we can make the process go as smoothly as possible. We offer insurance support that lets you rest assured that all the work we do is covered by your insurer and policy. After you contact your insurer, you can let us get to work and relax as you stay in a local hotel. Our water damage dry-out solutions come in handy after a hurricane or if you have flooding caused by a damaged roof. Call today to see why so many locals call us the topwater dry out restoration company in the region.


Emergency Help

At Restoration Maintenance, we know that our customers don’t follow the same 9 to 5 hours that others do, which is why we can handle emergency calls. If you need Water Dry Out Restoration as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to call us right away instead of using our contact form. We’ll get in touch as soon as we can and get a crew of water dry out restoration specialists to your home just as quickly. 

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