Working with Insurance

Working with Insurance

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Dealing With Insurance Companies

RM works directly with your insurance company, so you avoid the hassle of becoming the middleman. Our many years of dealing with commercial and residential insurance have enhanced our understanding of the many intricacies associated with the claims process so we can make it simple and easy for you to restore your property.

The professionals at our company have many years of water damage experience and helping customers to learn about the coverage of their policy to reduce the impact of costly damages.

Handling Insurance Claims

You won’t need to worry about forgetting any of the critical details necessary in remediating any of the water damage to your home or office. We will work with you from the beginning to the end of your insurance claim to ensure it is handled correctly throughout the entire process.

When you are dealing with something as severe as structural damage to your home or office, you want a professional emergency response team to arrive within 45 minutes of dispatch to begin remediation.

When a water emergency strikes it can cause property to become flooded resulting in excessively damaged floors, furniture, and building materials. That’s why it pays to react quickly for your own peace of mind, instead of taking the risk of waiting too long when responding to leakage or pipe bursts in the home.

Direct Insurance Billing

We have many years of experience reading the fine print found in insurance policies and can explain your damage coverage benefits in detail as we work with you and your insurance company on your claim. We know what a difficult time this can be for you and your family and will help you navigate the challenges that can be associated with filing an insurance claim. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by flood damage, fire damage, or mold damage, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage and Mold?

Water damage and mold are often covered by common homeowners insurance policies so that residents may quickly file a claim for their loss. Whether accidental water leaks are caused by burst pipes or faulty plumbing, many causes of water damage are covered under homeowner insurance policies. Unfortunately, these kinds of losses happen frequently and can be a very expensive problem if you are inexperienced with dealing with insurance claims.

That’s why it is important to contact experienced professionals like Dry Up Restoration as soon as you discover a pipe or roof leak so that you and your family are protected. Our team is comprised of leading certified professionals with years of water damage experience who understand and can explain information related to your damage to maximize your protection. Our experts will explain what your policy covers and what it doesn’t so that you can be certain you will get the best type of restoration services for your specific situation.

We Accept All Insurance

RM accepts all property insurance to ensure that you will be covered when you need it the most. Our team of professionals works 24/7, 365 days a year, so that you will never be caught off guard from unfortunate flooding, sewage, storm, mold, fire, smoke, and other types of water-related damages. If left untreated, water damage may likely cause more significant problems down the road and cost tens of thousands of dollars more than you would have paid to treat it initially.

Our professional emergency response teams have helped homeowners understand their home insurance policy and worked to complete insurance claims for thousands of families.

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